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Children's Food Fund


Food – We have developed an ongoing outreach program into many of the World’s most impoverished communities. In the areas where we work, we try to be efficient and effective in meeting the various needs of many displaced children.


Education – Our program is more than literacy awareness; it is one that impacts both the individual and the community. Each of us knows the value of an education.  We know that it improves self esteem, it opens doors to better jobs, it allows us to make informed decisions, and, most importantly, it improves the overall quality of our lives.


Health – We build medical clinics to satisfy the needs of the remote areas we visit. We have established many footholds in these remote areas and found a great need to provide medical attention and services. This is why we build clinics and ensure support personnel are available to treat the needs of those who require immediate care.
Disaster – Where natural and manmade disasters cause a disruption to the flow of food, we are there. We work in flooded areas, with communities consumed by raging wildfires and deep in the hollers of Appalachia to bring food and other disaster relief supplies to those affected.

Water – We bring clean water solutions using filters made of clay to remote jungles. The solutions we bring and leave in remote areas are simple, easy to use, and do not require an advanced degree to keep them operational.